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【Recommended Reading】Ren Wenjun: The Significance of Rubber Mats on the Health of Dairy Cows' Toes and Hooves

Among the four major diseases of dairy cows, we often ignore the toes and hooves, but the economic loss caused by the health of the toes and hooves is the largest. Today, I will talk about the impact of the cow's toe and hoof health on the entire production of dairy cows from my personal point of view.Said by Mr Ren. 

Cow lying comfort has been recognized by almost all dairy farmers, although there may be differences in implementation or conditions, the improvement in cow health and production is obvious.In fact, the causes of cow toe and hoof disease are nothing more than two main reasons, internal and external. The internal cause is mostly caused by nutrition or infectious diseases, such as foot-and-mouth disease or rumen acidosis, and the lack and imbalance of some nutrients in the feed. , while the external cause is mainly due to human-induced toe and hoof injuries, which is the main cause of toe and hoof injuries in cattle. 

Reasons such as infectious diseases and nutrition can be greatly reduced through scientific and reasonable feeding formula and normal immunity, but there are many reasons for trauma and lameness.Problems such as: unreasonable design or long-term use of milk parlors and milking passages, and toe and hoof wear caused by damage to the floor of the barn cause cows to walk obstacles. Impaired walking will directly affect the cow's feeding, drinking, milking and estrus identification, and all of these, that is, walking will restrict the comfort of lying down and ultimately affect the overall milk yield. 

The enthusiasm for milking or feeding is greatly reduced, not to mention climbing and estrus. The lameness rate of American pastures is about 30%. What about ours? Have you found it? How much? Therefore, the daily milk production of each cow will not be reduced by less than two or three kilograms.

How to reduce these external causes? 

In addition to the quality assurance of the cowshed, milk parlor and channel ground (most of the pastures are often difficult to perfect, and there are also reasons caused by long-term corrosion), it is recommended to use special high-quality rubber cow  floor mats to solve this problem. Especially on pastures that have been in operation for several years, the ground or road surface is frequently damaged by the wear and tear of cow dung or vehicle cleaning, which eventually leads to serious damage to the hoof and increased culling.

How to choose a high-quality rubber cow mat? Personally, I think it depends on the strength and needs of the ranch, but the ultimate goal is to reduce the wear and tear of the cow's toes and hooves, so that the cow can walk on it happily when eating, drinking and milking. Personally, I think that generally there are the following requirements and characteristics.


1. The ground laid with cow bed rubber mats requires smoothness, cleanliness, comfort, and elegant appearance. It has a good anti-slip effect, which can prevent cows from slipping, falling, and reduce medical expenses. At the same time, it can reduce the elimination rate of cows. Increase milk production and improve economic benefits.

2. The elasticity of the cow bed mattress itself and the special design of the surface have a health care massage effect on the cows, and can avoid the fatigue caused by the cows standing for a long time. 

3. Low investment, high return. The cow bed rubber mat has good anti-corrosion and anti-aging characteristics, and its service life is more than 5-7 years.

4. The rubber mat of the cow bed is heat-insulating, cold-proof, and moisture-proof, and it is easy to install and use, and it is easy to clean.