Qingdao Kingstone Industry Co.,Ltd.

  • Rubber Mat for Rotary Parlor

    Our non-slip mats are designed to promote movement and prevent cows from falling when milking or passing through corridors and waiting areas. They reduce cows stress and improve claw health and sure-footedness,help the cows respond with higher activity and better productivity.

  • Kingreen Comfort Roll

    Kingreen cow bed mat allows your cows to lie down longer in the stalls and thus have a better milk production.It can protect the joints, relieves the claws and thus increases animal welfare.We also offers the best quality/price ratio on the market due to the unique design, product research and development, and manufacturing techniques .

  • Kingreen Drainage rubber Mat

    Good animal health from the start is a fundamental requirement for productive animals. Our perforated rubber mats offer animal-friendly comfort environment ---protects the calves from the hard, cold, and slippery concrete floors,and keeps waste off, so that standing up and lying down can be performed in a normal way and the animals can develop fulfilling their needs.

  • DIAMOND Walking Flooring Mat

    KS211 for all paved / concrete walking areas,Meets the fundamental requirements for an animal-friendly walking area mat